Wonder Woman (2017) Review

Wonder Woman is not just the best superhero movie of the year, but it has also claimed its seat in the upper echelons of being one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. Her origin story itself unique to behold. The plot aspects of Diana Prince growing up in a secluded island filled with strong female Amazonian warriors and her participation and influence in World War I (although it was originally World War II in the comics) are portrayed in this movie in such a grandiose fashion that the the movie will be etched into the minds of viewers long after they leave the movie theatre.

Gal Gadot gives a rousing and charming performance as the titular hero, with Gal being able to explore a wider range of Wonder Woman’s personality that was absent in her brief but memorable appearance in Batman V Superman. You get to see how this fierce warrior, and sometimes naive soul, journeys from her homeland of Themyscira to the brutal trenches of World War I to ultimately discover what human nature is actually about and how her hopes and beliefs manages to inspire her through the physical and emotional obstacles she encounters to shape the jaded and self-assured warrior we all know her to be today.

Also, Chris Pine does a great job of playing Steve Trevor, the roguish pilot that becomes Diana’s guiding thread in the outside world, and his character eventually serves the greater purpose of being the catalyst that buoys Diana’s love for mankind and her goal to help them. The movie also did a good enough job with the main villain, and his motivations for his actions gives the audience something to ponder about as well, making this villain less forgettable than the majority of recent superhero movie villains out there.

With this movie, director Patty Jenkins (with the story by Zack Snyder and co.) has crafted a cinematic masterpiece by successfully balancing the big, unique action sequences (especially when the lasso is utilised) that are a staple to this kind of movies with the nuanced emotional charm of the Wonder Woman character to bring us a movie that will elevate Wonder Woman’s origin story to a globally iconic status that only the origin tales of superheroes such as Batman and Superman have had that distinction up to this point.

Feauture Image source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/wonder-woman-2017-jessica-forbes

Author: Jordan Raj

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